Friday, January 9, 2009

Spending Money to Save Money?

Let me give you a scenario...

Person A works for a employer who does not provide microwave ovens for its breakrooms and lunch areas. If an employee wants one, he/she has to bring it in and have it tagged and added to the equipment record that it is his/hers.

Now let's say that the microwave in the lunch room that Person A uses is really really old. In fact, it has one of those dials for setting time. It also is notorious for not cooking the middle of whatever is in it, effectively ruining lunch.

Person A is someone who wants to get out of debt. In fact he (or she) has a blog dedicated to his (or her) struggle to eliminate debt. However, the thought of using this microwave makes him (or her) shudder. Also, sandwiches have become really boring and he (or she) needs to have more variety. So, Person A eats out for lunch almost every day.

Do you think Person A should buy a new microwave to not only save money, but also to avoid the downward spiral that is his food intake?

Well, Person A is me (this is the big revelation of the story), and I already bought the microwave. It was $54 at Walmart. I figured that if I bring in leftovers every day, I'll save $54 in about 2 weeks. If I buy microwave dinners instead, then it gets stretched out a little more, but eventually I come out even.

Also, I can't actually use the microwave yet because it hasn't been approved for use. Ugh...bureaucracy.

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